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What current Clients have to say about our services

Browse some of the letters and E-mails Nino Samuel's Basketball Training received from our athletes.

We want you, our potential athletes, to read some of the favorable comments our former and current athletes have said about us in order to help you choose us as your preferred training source! We'd be happy to provide additional references upon request.

It truly is about Pride, Respect and Discipline!


Hello Nino,

My name is Kysah Upchurch. I am pretty certain that my name does not ring any bells however, as an aspiring basketball player you made a huge impact on my life. I can remember maybe 5 very intensive workouts with you while I was a varsity player at Redan High School and even though I was not able to have many workouts with you, the workouts I did experience stuck with me throughout my college career. I went on to play division I basketball at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and graduated in 2005. I want to thank you for the lasting impact you made on my life and my career in the sport that I love.

Now that my basketball career is over I have been working on continuing to make an impact in the sports industry and have dreams of being a sports agent. I will be graduating with my Master’s degree in Sports Administration this December and will be applying for law school at Georgia State. The reason for this email is because for the longest I have been thinking I really need a mentor and when I think mentor your name pops in my head! So I just said “hey, it won’t hurt to ask”! I am not looking for anything but the same advice, knowledge and positive motivation that has impacted so many throughout the years!

I know you are very busy and that you are a busy helping others! I completely understand if this is not something you can fit in your busy schedule, however I really appreciate you taking out the time to read this email!

Thanks so much for your time!



My name is Charles Bowman. I was at Salina Central when you were a senior as a teacher and assistant coach. I retired from education, but was asked by a good friend to teach the passing game to our local high school team. After watching them play, I remarked that I had a film of an oustanding post player they should watch. It was an old black and white film of Salina Central vs. Emporia (1971). You must have had 25 boards and 25 pts. These young men were amazed, even 35 yrs. later.

I googled your name , and see where you are still involved with basketball. I think that's great- you have so many skills to teach.

— Charles Bowman


Coach Nino,

Greetings from Missouri! Dennis and I wanted to write a note of thanks to you. We would like to thank you for your time, patience and for getting us on your schedule with short notice to train our daughter, Chelsea Vinson. Before we moved to Missouri 4 years ago, you began training Chelsea at 11 years old. She was new to basketball and she excelled at her skills with your training, and her love of the game began. Since moving to Missouri, she has continued with basketball and the roots you planted have been apparent. She played starting varsity basketball as a freshman last year at Cape Central High School. She is a good player with great potential. But her dad and I knew she had more, and your name has come up often. While planning a recent trip to Georgia, we decided to give you a call. We were pleasantly surprised that you remembered Chelsea and were more than accommodating with our schedule. During the two sessions we were able to get in, we were truly amazed how much she learned and how much better her skills are! She works every day on these new skills. Her shooting and ball handling have improved drastically. We have committed to making special trips to Georgia just to have Chelsea train with you. We want to thank you again for your time, training and positive attitude!

Dennis and Joy Vinson
Cape Girardeau, MO


I just want to take the time to express my gratitude for what you are doing with Jahmal. When we first approached the basketball camp, it was with the sole purpose of improving Jahmal's basketball skills. Let me tell you that you have given him so much more. Your program is not just about basketball, it is about building character, leadership, responsibility, respect, and accountability.

We have seen a difference in how our son has grown. Janhmal's grades have improved so much (and he helps around the house more). What you teach him on the court also applies in every area of his life. He is more focused, determined and confident. As parents we try to teach and instill these same values, but sometimes they just don't get it. Nino you are emphasizing and teaching all that You always tell them about believing in yourself no matter what. You tell them not to think that the ball is going in, know that the bail is going in. You teach them to believe in themselves, I really like that.

During the training sessions I sit and watch how you interact with all the kids and how the kids look up to you. This is not just a job for you, it is your passion and it shows. You are truly a blessing for Jahmal. This Game of basketball can be equated with the "Game of Life", We all want to be winners and not losers. You are doing something that a lot of us can't do and for this I say THANK YOU. Your program offers so much more, it is truly "priceless".

Daphanie Calliste